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Here’s what our patients are saying...

Bad Dog!

I got a really bad dog bite on my upper lip and looking at it I thought I was scarred for life. Dr. Hansel did an amazing job suturing it up and there is no trace of the bite within a few months. Thank you Dr. Hansel for reassuring me when I came in and taking the time and care to do a great cosmetic job. Handsome as ever.

Brian M. ~ East Portland

Quick, Kind and Sincere

Really appreciate the quick and very kind and sincere service. The nurse and doctor were extremely professional and courteous. I would recommend this urgent care to anyone.

Noah J. ~ Gresham

The Doctor Listened to Me!!!

I love seeing a doctor that actually listens to what I am saying. Both the dr and the nurse genuinely cared about what I had going on. This clinic puts the patient first and wasn’t in a rush to get me out of the office. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for urgent care. Thanks so very much!

Deborah T ~ Gresham

Former Doctor Hater

I have always hated going to see a doctor, but that’s not the case here. I love going to see Dr. Jon and Kathy. They really care about you & your feelings and health. I am a patient for life!

Rosi K ~ Happy Valley

She’s a Regular

Over the last few years my experience with Dr. Hansel and his staff has been first class. I would sincerely recommend his clinic for whatever urgent care problems you have.

Cori H ~ Sandy

He had places to go!

Was seen for a sinus infection. This was my first visit to this urgent care. I was in a hurry and seen quickly and was out in 20 minutes. Dr. Hansel is very nice as is his staff. This is a great doctors office.

Mike V. ~ Vancouver, WA

A fun doctor’s appointment??

They deliver prompt and attentive care. I am very pleased with the doctor and nurses. I was originally seen for urgent care but decided to bite the bullet and get a complete physical. Both of my visits were the only doctors appointments I have ever had fun at. His assistant Kathy is a real Hoot too! Thank you!

Danielle F. ~ Troutdale

They call this Health Insurance?

My family has health insurance but our deductible is so high that we find it more cost effective to use Dr. Hansel for urgent care and primary care both. With 5 in our family we have been seen for pink eye, a spider bite, strep throat, bronchitis and a bad kitchen cut to name a few. Kathy provides us with receipts to turn in to our insurance company to apply to our deductible. If your insurance is worthless like ours, Dr. Hansel’s clinic costs much less than other urgent cares or the emergency room and the quality of care is exceptional.

Rachel C. ~ Gresham


I was rear ended and hurt my back and neck from the whiplash. Because the accident was so violent, Dr. Hansel was treating me twice a week and also ordered massage at his clinic twice a week. After 6 weeks I was back to normal and I can’t say enough about how well I was treated by the clinic staff. They took care of billing my auto insurance company too and I didn’t have to pay anything. Thanks, Dr. Hansel.

Luisa M. ~ Oregon City

Uninsured Student

I found your urgent care on Google and it is such a relief to know that if and when I have a medical problem, I will be able to afford the charges. I made an appointment to be seen for a UTI and was seen right on time. I can’t say enough about how nice Dr. Hansel is and Kathy as well. I LOVE Dr. Hansel’s Clinic.

Jessica G. ~ Gresham

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